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"The Dawlish Cancer Support Group" was set up in December 2009 to offer a friendly face to those who are or have been going through surgery and/or treatment for any kind of cancer.   We also welcome relatives of patients who also need support.


It was set up by Sue Thompson who in 2007 had a mammogram in March, was told it was cancer in the April and had a mastectomy on May 26th of that year.  She then went through chemo and radiotherapy.


So many people came to her afterwards who wanted to talk about their experiencies or who were about to go through treatment themselves and just needed someone to talk to about it.  She also received calls from others who were relations of those going through cancer.


It seemed a logical step to then come up with a support group as it was clear so many needed someone to talk to.


Non of the members are medically trained, however, they have first hand experience of cancer and are willing to share their experiencies to help others.


In 2018 Sue Thompson then was diagnosed with myeloma, which is a cancer effecting the blood, bones and immune system.  She was, regrettably, unable to continue as Chair Person.  The rest of the committee/working party are now responsible for the running of the group.  They include Lynne Furber (Treasurer), Elaine Nielson (Secretary), Shirley Smith (Social Secretary),  Brenda Beard,

Peter Sargent and Richard and Babs Tucker